Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Illinois Religious Freedom Protection And Civil Union Act (HB2234)

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Equality Illinois had sent me an email letting me know that "The end of the Spring session of the Illinois General Assembly is approaching. There is a good chance that we can pass the civil union bill before the end of the session." Equality Illinois asked that I send an email to my Respresentative to ask her to support this bill. Whenever I get these emails from Equality Illinois I always respond. Here is the reply I got from my Representative, Renee Kosel:
May, 2009

Dear Constituent:

I recently received your e-mail asking for my support of HB2234, legislation that creates the Illinois Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act.

The majority of my constituents who have contacted me regarding this legislation, and civil unions in general, have been in opposition to the issue proposed in this legislation. I have serious misgivings about this bill and feel it ultimately would redefine marriage, which I consider to be between one man and one woman.

Thank you for caring enough about this issue to take the time to write to me.

Renée Kosel
State Representative-81st District
Assistant Republican Leader
I really feel the need to craft a reply, however I feel it would fall on deaf ears. Her response angers me and I don't know if I can be as articulate as I know I can be. Part of me does not believe that more people who are opposed to this bill have contacted her.

How would you respond to this email? Please post your thoughts in the Comments Section.

Thank you!

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Shauni said...

The problem as I see it, is not that the majority of her constituents are in opposition of this bill but rather the majority of the ones who write to her are.. sadly such is normally the case..

I think the answer would be yes it would redefine the tenets of marriage.. it would allow that all individuals who wish to make a legal and spiritual PERMANENT connection to each other be allowed to do so.. and who knows maybe so called one man and one woman marriages would be once again considered the in thing to do.. to commit to another.. to understand the it is and should be permanent...

Just my thought.. and if any of this inspires you in your response feel free to use it

Kate Burton said...

I know how you feel about wanting to craft a response. The last time I had a similar thing happen I chose to respond on my blog. Not only did I get it out of my system but I found a few fellow travelers!

john said...

well, you know how this makes me feel. I live in Mass. the state has not collapsed. Sadly, but your reply would probably fall on deaf ears as she has her own agenda. But if you write, it will definitly make you feel better and you can say at least I tried.

fight fight fight. We live in the United States, we are all equeal. period.