Friday, July 24, 2009

TGIF VGNO! - Lola's Birthday Edition II

Time For A Party Game! - From Ann

We all enjoy a little creative writing, right? Let's play "The Title Says It All". Here's what you need to do to play along. With the MckLinky "guest book" as your guide use the title of the previous blog listed in MckLinky in a sentence, or in a short story. #2 uses #1's blog title, #3 uses #2's blog title, etc. Example: "When I need a laugh, or a shoulder to cry on, I know that I can go to Ann Again... and again." (You really can too :-> ) Be sure to add/insert a link to the blog as well. I've started it out this week. There are some incredible blog titles out there. I can't wait to see your creative writing.

Ok, I about overdosed on that. It just went on 4ever, didn't it? Not a fan of rap, but not a lot of cool youtube b'day stuff. Now on to the real party!

Be sure to check out my birthday post - It's My Birthday/Lucky To Be Alive, if you haven't already.

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robin said...

Happy Birthday Lola! :)

Lizzie said...

what a sweet birthday post :) ope you ave a great weekend!