Thursday, June 25, 2009

Auto Dealer Sues Man Who Stole His Wife

Have you heard about this?

The 76 year old owner of one of the largest, possibly most recognized dealerships, Bob Rohrman, is suing a Chicago plastic surgeon for stealing his wife. Rohrman seeks $50,000 in damages. Rohrman's wife, Rhonda Kay Rohrman is 30 years his junior. Read about it here:
Automobile Dealer Suing Plastic Surgeon For Stealing His Wife - Chicago Tribune
Auto Giant Rohrman Sues Plastic Surgeon, Alleges He Stole His Wife - Daily Herald

This is one of his commercials, in case you're wondering who his is. It's from January 2009 and that is him in the commercial.

How does one sue someone for stealing their wife? Doesn't that pretty much make you a laughing stock? And in this case, being that he is such a well known name in the Chicagoland area, it pretty much makes him a laughing stock in all of Chicagoland, don't you think? What are the grounds for this lawsuit? Seriously. Can't be theft, surely you can't sue for having someone "steal" your spouse, if one could do that the courts would be clogged full of such lawsuits.

And of course this begs the question, she's only worth $50,000? Ok, perhaps he's suing in Small Claims Court? Ok, maybe there is a limit on the type of suit he filed, still.

Oh, and check this out, the guy's got his own blooper reel. Seems to me this whole lawsuit thing should be included.

I guess there really is "Only 1 Bob Rohrman". Lol!

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I am Harriet said...

I remember that guy!!!!
He's like a million.