Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lesbian Prisoners Segregated

I bet the "lesbian prisoners" got your attention, didn't it? But seriously, this is all kinds of wrong.

Lesbian Prison Segregated Lesbians, Others.

Are they serious? They segregated "butch" looking women to break up relationships? How successful was that? I mean, how many butch/butch couples do you know? I've known a lot actually. Lesbian relationships aren't always butch/femme. And putting "butch" looking straight women with the "butch" lesbians? Just because they looked "butch", what? They might turn lesbian? I'm just trying to understand the thought pattern here. Oh yes, there was no actually thought put into it.

Then the guards taunted them and called them names?
"Separating women based on appearance, though, violates the Constitution's guarantees of equal protection and freedom of expression, said Helen Trainor, director of the Virginia Institutionalized Persons Project."
I smell a lawsuit.

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Kelly B said...

I love that they say they did it to curb illegal sexual, hello. I've never been to prison, but I do know that male or female, gay or straight, somebody becomes somebodies bitch in prison....that is illegal sexual activity, no? how do they propose stopping that in male prisons when it is the very straight men screwing the other very straight men....?

it made me laugh when you mentioned butch/butch relationships because one of my good friends was always in a butch/femme relationship and then she met her current partner of about 4 years and she resisted her because she is also butch....this is her longest relationship!

I know a lot of straight women who look butch, so I don't really understand that mentality....