Thursday, August 6, 2009

We Are Obviously Not Equal

Another blogger invited their readers to sign up on MckLinky so she could see who was stopping by to read her blog. When I see these, I think it's the perfect opportunity to promote my blogs. It's like a Meme with a MckLinky, but only better because you just need to put your link and you don't need to do anything special. No questions to answer, no photos to post. You get the idea. Promotion...with no strings. Or so I thought. I put links for ALL 3 of my blogs:
Lola's Diner
Lola's Victory Garden
Fire Crotch Rocket
Shortly after entering them, I got this email:
Dear Lola,
I just wanted you to know that I removed one of your blogs from the link up today. This is a free country and I in no way want to tell you what to do. That is your business and your decision. I also don't want you to think that I don't respect you are in any way see you as less than me. I see you as equal with me in God's eyes - truly. But I felt, for me, the subtitle on your Fire Crotch Rocket blog was a little too much for my eyeballs and perhaps some of my other readers. Since it's my blog that's linking people up, I hope you aren't offended if I remove just that one link. I think your other blogs will be enjoyed by other XXXXXXX XXXXXXXX readers. Just a difference of opinion/conviction.
I hope you'll understand and will respect my decision. I don't want to offend you. I appreciate that you read my blog and am so very grateful for each one of my blogging chums.
Thank you for understanding Lola.
Have a lovely day.
We are obviously not equal if you feel you must censor your blog and remove my FCR blog from your list. None of my blogs contain objectionable material such as porn, naked photographs or adults only material.

Oh, and by the way...I hope your readers are enjoying My Ninth Conversation 10 Months 10 Lives Challenge. This post was scheduled for Friday, but I moved it up in response to your email.

Yes, I am a lesbian. Out and Proud and I am going to blog about fighting for my Civil Rights and the rest of the GLBT community. I post updates on our cause on FCR and I post and comment on articles that are contrary to our cause. I post wins and losses.

This is definitely a loss. Your loss. And all of your readers.

It's not a difference of opinion or conviction.
It's censorship. Pure and simple.

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john said...

I hear ya lola, what ever happened to 'will not judge'. As much as I like to say 'oh, her loss, just move on', i know how hard that is to do. It really does sting, and just when you think the world is more accepting you get blind sited with a response like that. Any ways, hang in there.