Tuesday, August 4, 2009

When Is It A Good Time To Go?

At the movies that is. You've got your king combo of a 64 ounce beverage and a bucket of popcorn. You've settled in, the previews are done and the movie begins. Oh-oh! You've got to go. You don't want to miss anything good in the movie. What do you do? Before the show, check out RunPee.Com, or order their Iphone Application for $0.99.

RunPee.Com tells you how far into the movie is the best time to go. It also give you the line in the movie at that point to give you a cue. It shows (by way of a text paragraph or two) what you've missed while you ducked out to use the facilities and lets you know how long it's ok to be gone so you don't miss anything really good.

I don't know that' I'd remember to check out RunPee.Com before I go to the show. The other issue is, how many other movie goers are using it? If 38 minutes into the movie is the best time to, ah er...go, will there be a mass exodus for the restrooms then?

I think the last time I made a dash for the bathroom at the movies was when my kids were little. I don't know that kids would actually wait until the best time though.

(Not a paid ad. I just came across this and thought it was interesting.)

So do you think you will use RunPee.Com?
Will you purchage the RunPee.Com Iphone app?
What do you think?

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Lin said...

Oh, I hated that when the kids were little. Emma--every stinking time! That girl spent more time in the potty than in the darned movie!

Sarah said...

My goodness they do come up with a website/application for EVERYTHING anymore!!

I would very likely use this...because I just canNOT make it through a movie without running to pee.