Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Chicago - October 17 Shepard March/Anti-Gay Cop

Anti-Gay Cop Busted By Dash Cam? - Courtesy of NBC 5 Chicago.

Police Misconduct Against The LGBT Community To be Focus of This Year's Shepard March, Saturday, October 17 - Courtesy of Gay Liberation.Net
"One officer in the Town Hall District – Richard Fiorito – is the subject of more than 20 federal lawsuits for allegedly falsifying evidence to frame LGBT motorists for phoney DUI charges. He often allegedly pushed around defendants and called them homophobic slurs. Attorneys say ten to twenty additional suits against Fiorito will be filed within the next several weeks."
The march will demand that the officer be put on desk duty until the misconduct charges and lawsuits are decided and demand that criminal charges be filed because "probable cause" exists.
Shepard March
7 PM – Saturday, October 17
7-11 Parking Lot – Corner of Halsted & Roscoe Streets.
Rally and march through the community, including past Alderman Tom Tunney's office and the 23rd District Police Station.
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