Saturday, January 30, 2010

CBS Rejects Gay Super Bowl Ad

Another Super Bowl ad rejected. This one for a gay dating service Man Crunch.Com. Gay Super Bowl Ad Rejected By CBS - The Advocate. CBS claimed it was rejected because they couldn't verify ManCrunch's credit. The ad was to cost $2.5 million and ManCrunch claimed they were paying cash.

When I first saw the headline I was outraged. Then I saw the ad. It's bad. If an ad is going to cost you $2.5 million, wouldn't you work hard to have a good "story" or whatever they call it in ad lingo?

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Kelly said...

I agree. The ad is lame. I felt the same way.

Nomad said...

What is it supposed to be shocking? As shocking as, say, two cowboys making out? I thought we were past that already