Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Meredith Baxter Comes Out

Well, not exactly...she was kind of pushed out by Perez Hilton. Not something that I condone. Perez Hilton on "The View" claimed that he didn't "out" her, he was "reporting". He claimed since she was living openly, seen in public, photographed in public with her partner of four years, Nancy Locke, being affectionate, that he was "reporting facts".

'Family Ties'' Meredith Baxter comes out on 'Today': 'I am a lesbian,' dating girlfriend Nancy Locke - New York Daily News. (Click this link and page down to view Meredith Baxter's awesome interview with Matt Lauer.) Meredith Baxter rocks! Kudos to her for saying that she hopes that her coming out let's people know that she is a lesbian and that the way that they vote on gay and lesbian issues will affect her. It's what I've said all along. Be out, be proud, when you let people know, they realize that gay and lesbian issues actually affect someone they know.

Meredith Baxter Spotted With Girlfriend! - Perez Hilton.Com.

Meredith Baxter's New Family Ties - The Advocate.

So what's your take?

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