Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April 15 - Did you File or Protest?

After Melissa Etheridge's announcement after the passing of Prop 8, many are wondering Will Melissa Etheridge File? I haven't heard much since her announcement in November. No mention of it on her wife, Tammy Lynn's blog. Melissa Etheridge's California protest is one of many going on around the country today. Her's is in response to Prop 8, the others are anti-tax tea parties across the country. Thousands Rally With Tea Parties On Tax Day.

While I think it is admirable of Melissa Etheridge, if she indeed protests by not filing, but it is not practical for the average person to protest in that manner. If you've ever filed your taxes late, you know what I mean. The penalties are costly. A couple of years ago I filed late, without an extension. It's an expensive mistake I don't think I'll be making any time soon.

I filed mine and Anastasia's taxes last week. That's early for us. I usually have to run hers to the post office on April 15 along with my extension. Tonight I get to relax in my living room and watch my son play Destroy All Humans! on Xbox. (Wait a minute, is that a good thing?)

So, did you file or did you protest? Do you think Melissa Etheridge will file her taxes? Do you think she will file an extension and make it appear that she is protesting?

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Jen said...

I filed back in February. I didn't protest either but only cuz I had to work.