Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Different Kind Of Party

I admit to being somewhat addicted to certain magazines. I have to have "The Advocate", that’s a given. But I also have to have "Psychology Today". I also will admit, only in certain company, to an addiction to women’s magazines. You know the ones, "Redbook", "Women’s Day". Not so much a fan of "Better Homes & Gardens", but in a pinch at a doctor’s office, I’ll pick it up. Even if it is 3 years old. What can I say, I’m a captive audience. I'm addicted to the women's magazines for recipes and articles on organization. (That's a whole different blog post topic!)

Some magazines I’ll read the hardcopy, others I’ll read online, some both. See what I’m saying about addiction? Anyway, I was scanning the articles at "Psychology Today", and found this article "Parlor Game Or Psychiatric Technique? – Lipsology".

The article described Lipsology as "the discovery of psychological characteristics revealed through lip shapes as viewed on a paper kissed by a person wearing lipstick (or having kissed a person wearing lipstick). The resulting imprints, given names such as "gerbil balls" "angel wings" "mother nature's lines" "peppers" and "zingers" are supposed to indicate a wide variety of information, health, psychological predispositions, even some spiritual interventions ( such as having an angel on your right or left shoulder)."

This isn’t a paid post, and I’m not joking. Apparently people have parties to have personal analysis’ done. Kind of like having a Palm Reader come to your home for a party to do palm readings.

I wanted to know more, so I googled, "Lipsology" and found The Official Lipsology Website. The tagline on the website is "Lipsology – The Art Of Lip Print Reading By Jilly Eddy." Apparently she is an "expert in lip print interpretation".

Who knew one could be an expert in interpreting something that my Mother did after applying lipstick and tossed in the trash? (Blotting freshly lipsticked lips with tissue.)
Ms. Eddy is "the world’s first Lipsologist". Ms. Eddy is a "Seattle-based entertainer who fascinates audiences of all ages with her remarkably precise personality profiles based on her self-developed system of Lipsology—The Art & Science of Reading Lip Prints." Ms. Eddy "has spent nearly 30 years collecting and analyzing more than 10,000 lip prints including those of Johnny Cash and author Jean Auel."

Ms. Eddy actually books events and brings her own supplies, which include "lipsticks, mirrors, Kleenex, cold cream, pens and personalized 'Kiss Cards' for your guests to make their lip prints on and keep as a souvenir." Because, you know you want a souvenir.

What will you find out from her analysis? Ms. Eddy "analyzes and interprets according to 25 categories and more than 100 subcategories. Findings can determine anything from the fact that you are a great negotiator with high-end champagne tastes or perhaps that you need to pay special attention to certain health issues."

In case you’re wondering, she does lip imprint analysis at all sorts of events, including, but not limited to: Anniversary Parties, Baby/Bridal Showers, Bachelorette Parties, Bar & Bat & B’nai Mitzvahs, Barbeques, Birthdays Parties, Business Launches/Staff Meetings, Conferences, Conventions, Employee Parties/Picnics, Girl’s Night Out, Housewarmings, Weddings.

Sounds slightly more entertaining than a Palm or Tarot Reading.

What do you think?

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